Choosing the Right Contractor

Consider that your remodeling contractor:

  • must be experienced on the type of job you are considering to have done.
  • must plan the job, step by step, while keeping track of the "big picture".
  • must understand both today's building techniques and those used decades ago to tie in the new construction with the old.
  • must hire good and reliable employees and subcontractors to perform specific jobs necessary to the completed project
  • must prepare drawings (or work with an architect to create new drawings) to obtain necessary building permits
  • must schedule all the elements of the project for timely completion: product order and delivery, labor and conscientious sub-contractors, expedite inspections, and allow for unanticipated weather delays.

When hiring a professional, you have the right to expect your remodeling contractor to have the ability to work well with everyone concerned with your project, to have the ability to relate to the needs of you and your family or associates, and to have the expertise to pull all the necessary details together to completion.

You also should insist that your contractor show evidence of liability and workers compensation insurance which will protect you in the event of an unforeseen circumstance.

Keep in mind that price must not necessarily be your only deciding factor when choosing a contractor because the money you assume you are saving by accepting a lower bid, may cost you precious time and aggravation and may result in a job that is below your expectations.