Questions For Prospective Contractors


The following is a list of questions we suggest you ask any contractor that you are considering using in order to make sure you are comparing companies with similar qualifications to improve your home or business.

Do you have experience in doing this type of work?

Whether it's a simple window replacement or a complete 2-story addition build-out, SHIFFLER BUILDERS can draw on four generations of building and remodeling experience and the knowledge of our employees and other professional associates to complete any of your remodeling needs

How long have you been in business? How long have you been in business under your present name? Have you ever filed for bankruptcy or not been able to complete a job for financial reasons?

SHIFFLER BUILDERS has been in business continuously in Naperville for more than 100 years. A company's strength and solvency is a very important point to consider before you write a down payment check and become committed to a project. We, will supply a list of our credit references and supplier:s, plus our banker and accountant's name upon request.

Do you carry insurance coverage to protect the workers in case of injury?

SHIFFLER BUILDERS is fully covered by liability and workers' compensation insurance for their employees while they are working In your home. A copy of a sample Insurance Certificate is enclosed. An updated copy is available from our insurance agent upon request. All sub-contractors that we may employ on your job are likewise fully insured.

Do you have your own tradesmen on staff or are all workers hired as sub-contractors?

SHIFFLER BUILDERS is proud of their team of professional and skilled employees, some of whom have been with our company for years. We have our own carpenters on staff and sub-contract work to tradesmen skilled in their specialized fields, such as electricians, plumbers and heating and air conditioning men.

The sub-contractors we work with have been carefully selected for their professionalism, reliability and expertise in the remodeling industry. Most of our subcontractors are Naperville-based businesses with whom we have had a working relationship for a number of years and who themselves enjoy excellent reputations in their fields.

Do you have local references for whom you have done work similar in scope to what we wish to have done?

SHIFFLER BUILDERS will be pleased and proud to give our prospective clients the names and numbers of past customers for whom we have completed similar work. Please ask.